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Want a new way to access Beyond Penguins content? We have been uploading content from the magazine into MagCloud – a print on demand service from Hewlett-Packard. You can order full color printed copies of highlights from each issue of the magazine to be mailed to you, just like a traditional print magazine (you will be charged a 20 cents per page printing fee and postage). MagCloud also has an iPad app that allows you to download issues from MagCloud onto an iPad for free.

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Want to read these documents online but don’t have an iPad? You can also access them at – a site that allows you to read documents online, add comments, and share them with others.

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Conference Handouts

These PDF files are ones that we have printed and passed out at conferences. They include highlights from the magazine as well as entire lesson plans.

This flyer provides information on Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears and our newest project – Beyond Weather and the Water Cycle – and can be used for dissemination purposes.

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